Monday, January 11, 2010

{ Happy 5th Birthday to my "BABIES" }

Today is the 5th birthday of my twins, Olivia Brooke and Payton Christopher. Seriously it seems as though just yesterday we were bringing our little preemies home from the hospital.

Olivia is petite, smart, independent, cute, PRISSY, nurturing, stylish,  bossy, lively, PRISSY, talkative, beautiful, dramatic, bright, sassy, friendly, pretty, did I say PRISSY?, happy, nosy, precious, sporty, sweet, girlie, bubbly, adorable and Daddy's girl.

Payton is quiet, tall, cool, tender-hearted, alert, handsome, imaginative, caring, creative, silly, considerate, funny, smart, lazy, clever, kind, proud, CUTE, attentive, tough, thoughtful, protective, modest, friendly, impatient, timid, gorgeous and Mama's boy.

I LOVE THESE TWO KIDS!!!!! Happy Birthday "Booger" and "Bubba"!!!! Mama loves you :)

PS....Daddy sends his love from Cuba!


  1. OMGosh! Kayse, THIS is my favorite picture yet!!! Happy birthday Payton and Olivia:)

  2. They are so gorgeous, Kayse! You are one lucky mommy! Love that pic. :)
    -Cindy A.

  3. You an Justin did a great job! Yall have a gorgeous family